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Our garden and Natural Pool in winter on BBC Gardener’s World, episode 31, with Adam Frost, Friday 27th October.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Ellicar Gardens, Gringley on the Hill

Friday 1 December 2017

10am - 12.30pm

Ellicar Natural Pool

At the heart of the garden lies our beautiful Natural Pool. Built in 2010, the pool was the starting point of Ellicar Gardens.

Our award winning pool is a magnet for wildlife, we swim with swallows dipping, enjoy iridescent dragon flies darting across the water, and even have a king fisher regularly visit. The water is crystal clear all year and is like looking into a giant aquarium.

The pool has many features like millstone fountains, a jetty, penny deck, boulders, beach and exquisite water plants.

We swim from March to October and enjoy the reflections in winter when the pool becomes a giant Sky Mirror.

Will and Sarah form part of Ensata - a unique pool building company, specializing in Natural Pools and Swimming Ponds.


Award Winning Pools & Natural Swimming Ponds

Natural Pool Design Winners - 1st Prize