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Our garden and Natural Pool in winter on BBC Gardener’s World, episode 31, with Adam Frost, Friday 27th October.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Ellicar Gardens, Gringley on the Hill

Friday 1 December 2017

10am - 12.30pm

Pollarding and Coppicing

april 2013 045cThis weekend we pollarded all the Salix v. ‘Brizensis’ in the bog garden and it’s really time to coppice all the coloured Cornus around the garden. I find this so hard to do- especially as the Winter Garden is looking fantastic right now with bright red  cornus ‘Sibirica’, black ‘Kesselringii’ and bright yellow ‘flavirimea’ stems intertwining and framing the borders. However, I’m going to be ruthless and prune them hard to encourage lots of vibrant fresh stems for next year and I will weave the coloured stems into the willow maze and make colourful plant supports with them so I get to enjoy them for longer.

Weather still cold down here. The hellebores- so beautiful gathered together in all their dusky shades of port wine, were bent double under snow a few days ago- they seem to bounce back though- what a fantastic, resilient garden worthy plant they are.

Vibrant, violet coloured Iris ‘J S Dyt’ are finally popping up through warm pink Erica carnea ‘Myretown Ruby’, and shocking blue Scilla siberica are just peeping through the soil. Also a month late, soft lilac Anemone blanda ‘Blue’ are starting to unfurl their silky petals.

Apart from creating a welcome splash of colour in the garden, the heathers and scillas are fantastic winter nectar plants – bees coming out of hibernation flock to these flowers, along with the hazel and willow catkins - I love hearing them at work around the garden, but with this cold weather they are staying firmly put!