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Our garden and Natural Pool in winter on BBC Gardener’s World, episode 31, with Adam Frost, Friday 27th October.

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Ellicar Gardens, Gringley on the Hill

Friday 1 December 2017

10am - 12.30pm


What a difference two days of sunshine have made!  The garden is stirring, plants starting to grow, surface weeds germinating- a sure sign the soil is warming up- and finally in the orchard, over a month late now, tiny narcissus including ‘February Gold’, ‘Tete a Tete’ and ‘Minnow’ are in bright yellow flower.
We planted about 4000 bulbs under the fruit trees last Autumn – William and I made the holes and the boys dropped in the bulbs- a great family bonding activity! The different varieties should give a lasting display of daffodils starting with the tiny dwarf narcissi through to my favourite late flowering Pheasant’s Eye.
Under the crab apple avenue a lovely mix of tiny crocus, scilla, pushkinia and chinodoxas are opening up-with fritillaria meleagris following on. I’m going to add some snowdrops in the green from the winter garden to complete a flowery walk between these trees.
I love bulbs- you get so much flower power for your money, you can mix and match colours, flowering times, they multiply and come back every year without any fuss. The only ones I’m missing this year are the Iris reticulata in the Winter garden- I’m wondering if the voles have munched their way through them this winter- sometimes you can have too much wildlife!