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Ellicar Gardens opens for the National Garden Scheme
25th Feb 12noon-4pm

explore our 5 acre gardens with grasses and seed heads left standing around our Natural Pool for winter.
Our Winter Garden is full of fragrant flowering shrubs, snowdrops and hellebores
Enjoy swathes of fiery Cornus and coloured willows and specimen trees with winter bark.
adults £4.50 children free.
combined entry with Holmes Villa, Walkeringham
Plant sales, teas at Holmes Villa.


29th April

P1010372spring blog rSpring
A couple of relatively warm weeks have brought the garden out of suspended animation into a riot of spring colour. I can’t keep up with the daily changes it is all happening so fast now! Plants are racing to make up for lost time, having spent so long in winter cold store. Leaves and blossom dotted along branches, as fine as gossamer silk- particularly lovely backlit with the early morning sunlight streaming through like miniature stained glass windows.
The Birch Circle in the Winter Garden is bursting with flowers-dainty pulmonarias, chunky magenta  bergenias, lime green euphorbias, exquisite lemon epimediums, delicate blue brunnera, ferns unrolling, hostas piercing the soil, dog’s tooth violets –their yellow hats dancing in the breeze, and stately orange Fritillaria imperialis- all jostling for space around the fading hellebores. Like a packet of jelly tots- all the colours of spring thrown together- at any other time of year I might be offended by this mismatch of a colour scheme gone wrong, but in spring I think anything goes!
The rest of the garden is more refined with white Narcissus Thalia filling the borders in huge drifts together with early tulips- I love this white daffodil and can’t plant enough of them. I struggle to enjoy big blowsy yellow daffodils in borders (love them in long grass) but delicate white Thalia works for me. It is a great buffer for spring flowers, works well with tulips, and has the bonus of being fragrant- when you are down on your hands and knees weeding nearby, you will suddenly be rewarded by its sweet scent-it always surprises me!