About Ellicar Gardens

Ellicar Gardens is the family garden and home to Will and Sarah Murch and their five children.

Both horticulturalists, Will is a specialist grower of Rhododendrons (Osberton Nurseries). Sarah is a Garden Designer and plant enthusiast. Together the couple forms part of Ensata – a specialist pool building company.

The family is enthusiastic about wildlife, and we have developed and planted Ellicar Gardens especially to attract and sustain a rich and diverse wealth of wildlife, which we enjoy daily.

Will looks after the garden’s birdlife - putting up feeding stations and nest boxes.

Sarah loves looking after the stragglers and orphans - there is usually some little creature being cared for in the kitchen.

We are animal lovers and many of our rare breed pets and farm animals are found living amongst the garden - they are all friendly and enjoy attention from garden visitors.

We are also a family addicted to wild swimming. We love swimming in and spending family time beside our beautiful natural swimming pool, which was the starting point of the gardens in 2010.

The whole family has worked hard to create Ellicar Gardens from scratch from an overgrown field. Together we have planted over 200 specimen trees, hedges and a small wood and the garden is a work in progress.

We regularly hold charity fundraising days here and welcome visitors each year for our National Garden Scheme open days.