Ellicar Gardens

Young, vibrant, and naturalistic, this family garden, set in 5 acres, is a hotspot for wildlife.

With sweeping borders running into swathes of wildflowers and old roses growing alongside new perennials and grasses- this relaxed garden is a treat for plant enthusiasts.

Plants are diverse and in addition to the swathes of perennials and grasses, the family has planted over 200 specimen trees, hedges, a framework of shrubs and a small wood since staring the garden in 2010.

At the front of the house, a south facing Gravel Garden, laid over the remains of the old farmhouse provides exactly the right free-draining conditions for aromatic plants, and interesting grasses.

In Summer here the wildflower meadows are a mass of swaying moon daisies that light up the garden - the late season meadow is a pastel jungle awash with pollinators, and a vibrant new perennial and grasses border behind the pool makes a particularly beautiful backdrop to the water.

Our winter garden is a blaze of coloured cornus, fragrant shrubs and carpets of hellebores.

The old Rose and Flower Garden - perhaps the only formal area in the garden - is a place for flower lovers and children will enjoy exploring the School Garden with its sensory nectar borders, and sinister Creepie Crawlie Walk as well as the Tree House and Willow Maze.

At the heart of the garden is our crystal clear Natural Swimming Pool - planted with exquisite marginals, reeds and sumptuous water lilies. Along one side of the pool runs a bog garden that packs a colourful punch throughout summer with red willows and cornus stems for winter.

The newly planted orchard, under planted with daffodils to flower throughout spring, has romantic looking mown paths through the long grass leading visitors to the wild Bird Garden, with its collection of Malus, Sorbus and fruiting shrubs and fringed with a woodland edge wildflower border. Running through the Bird Garden is a Crab Apple Avenue, which leads visitors down to Hannah’s Wood - a little native wood planted for our daughter’s 21st Birthday.

The gardens are low maintenance despite the size. Borders are mulched every winter and we leave the foliage of grasses and perennials standing throughout winter for our wildlife to feed on. The garden is beautiful in winter with the low sun highlighting seed-heads as silhouettes amongst the grasses.