Friday 21st Feb, Garden Closed due to adverse weather conditions.

We regret that due to the recent flooding caused by Storm Dennis and the continuing adverse weather conditions for this week and high winds predicted on Friday 21st Feb, we are unable to open the gardens safely to the public.

We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope you will be able to visit us on our next open day March 6th 11am-3pm.

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Ellicar Gardens Open Days 2020

21st Feb 11am-3pm

6th March 11am-3pm

10th, 24th April 11am -4pm

8th , 22nd May 11am-4pm

5th, 19th June 11am-4pm

3rd, 17th July 11am-4pm

11th, 18th Sept 11am-4pm

2nd, 16th Oct 11am-4pm


NGS Open Gardens March 23rd


NGS Open Garden
Getting ready for our first NGS Open Garden - 23rd March 1-4pm. I had planned to have an ethereal garden with architectural grasses and seedheads swaying in the main borders along with the Winter Garden peaking- but the early spring meant cutting back earlier this year! Happily the garden has quickly bounced back and  is looking vibrant and alive- with blossom, fragrance, pulmonarias, swathes of sultry hellebores, shocking blue scillas, and bright yellow daffs dotted everywhere- MG 9604helleboresr it is quite refreshing to look out across spaces that are later full of taller plants, and to enjoy views across the garden  onto the countryside beyond.
New developments over winter- a lovely rustic Potager- using up all our old chestnut paling fencing- surrounded by fan trained cherry and plum trees, soft fruit, herbs, cut flowers and veg in the raised beds- full of promise-I'm feeling really optimistic about growing vegetables this year! The old vegetable garden has been turned into a small plant nursery.
We just sowed the late season wild flower meadow- full of nectar plants for butterflies and bees and seedheads for birds over winter. The woodland edge wildflower border in the Bird Garden is germinating fast- looks a bit of a mess at the moment and I’m flying thro it constantly weeding out the unwanted- we will mow it soon to take out the annual weeds then it should shape up better. Fascinating and tricky growing anything from seed here as the black soil is just a massive weed seed bank waiting to explode into life!
The most exciting bit to come still is the start of a new perennial flower meadow at the back of the pool- I’m currently growing on the plants, and plan to plant it up some time in May- there will be a lovely mix of grasses and perennials with some beautiful wildflowers dotted through- can’t wait!
So lots going on- garden full of bumble bees, mistle thrush has just made a nest in the Winter Garden, tree and house sparrows busy squabbling and nesting, in fact birds  busy everywhere. Our Natural Swimming Pool has second generation frogs spawning amongst the marginals and the water temperature reached 11degs C already, so soon be swimming! Lots to see under water too –it is like a huge aquarium.
Great time to visit the gardens- I’m worn out getting it all ready and don’t think I will ever finish, but looking forward to the NGS this Sunday afternoon!